Last year, I wanted to buy a limited edition US Open Proforce V2 shaft but wasn’t sure which type would be the right fit. I stopped by the UST Mamiya office and was fitted for the F4 shaft. Lindsay was very helpful and knowledgeable and I felt that I learned a lot about my swing. The V2 helped to narrow my dispersion, increased loft and distance and it felt great during the backswing and follow through. It definitely helped to improve my drives and gave me more confidence to hit with power. A great product and experience and I look forward to my next UST Mamiya purchase!

Erik F - Frisco, TX

About 8 months ago on a whim I tried a ProForce v2 HL shaft in my driver. I've always struggled to get a high enough launch to really maximize my driver distance. I would buy 10.5 heads and crank them up to 12.5. My flight was low enough that I was contemplating going with a 13* head. Now with the HL I'm playing 10.5* head at....10.5*. Between the lower left and higher launch my mid to upper 90s swing speed is actually producing some quality drives. Mix in the fact that the shaft feels stable enough to step on a drive if I need it and the dispersion is great, my fairways hit percentage is through the roof. Being in the FW instead of the ruff allows me to score better and as such my handicap has already dropped 3 strokes. Thanks UST!

Eric Shellman - Fort Bragg, California

After gaming Project X steel shafts for over 10 years I wanted to try out graphite shafts to ease the pressure on my hands and body. After reading about UST Mamiya Recoils on the THP Forum mainly, I managed to get my hands on a set of Callaway CF16 irons with 125 F5 Recoil shafts.

Ever since I have been extremely happy with my irons. My shot consistency has improved tremendously since and the best part is that my body is so much less sore after a round. I would never have thought that graphite could be this good. But times have changed and the tech is mature enough to deliver a precise solution for your swing.

My favorite shot is now a low boring knock down shot that was impossible for me earlier. My Recoils stay stable right through impact and help me pull off amazing shots with control. These shafts have made a tremendous contribution to my game and I happily recommend them.

Nikhil Nayak - Hyderabad, India

I switched to a HElium shaft from a Speeder 559 in my driver a few months ago, and the results have been nothing short of incredible. I picked up about 10 yards with the new shaft, but the real difference has been my increased accuracy. I’ve never hit as many fairways as I am with the HElium, and my handicap has dropped from a 20 to 16 with a simple driver shaft switch. Thanks UST Mamiya, you made my big stick fun to hit again!

Todd Adler - Houston, Tx

My father in law installed the 760 ES SmacWrap Regular flex shafts in his Callaway XR irons as an upgrade over the stock TT SS 80 regular flex shafts. He's 70 years old, but is still in great shape and hits a 7 iron 140yds. His complaint now? He has to adjust his game because he hits the ball too far. He literally picked up 15yds on each club and has been flying greens. Haha! He can't believe it. He was worried age would make the game harder. Not with these! Same swing...more distance and tighter dispersion. No wrist pain or elbow pain either. When he first picked up the club after installation, he said he could feel the difference and knew it was a game changer. Thanks to UST Mamiya for helping my father in law enjoy the game he loves even more.

Clayton Anderson - Shreveport, LA

I was fit into Recoils 5 months ago, during the fitting my dispersion shrunk to half of what it was using steel shafts that fit me pretty well. I was pretty amazed, even more so when it carried over to the course and my handicap went from 13 down to single digits. It's stayed in the single digits and been as low as 7, I'm playing the best golf of my life and now have UST Mamiya shafts from driver to wedges and couldn't be happier.

Jeremy Hickam - Carbondale, IL

The recoil shafts have improved my game way more than I ever could have imagined. It's amazing how great the dispersion is now compared to my steel shafts. I am consistently shooting better scores now than I ever have. The feel is amazing and I love the launch I get. Not to mention how much they help your joints compared to steel. One day I plan on adding some UST goodness into my woods as well.

Justin H - Marysville, Ohio

Just switched to Recoil shafts for my irons at the recommendation of a couple of buddies. I have never hit my irons higher and longer than I am now with these shafts. I was hitting 95 gram steel shafts before and now I'm in 125g Recoils for my 7 thru P and 110g in the 4,5 and 6.If I do have a mishit the only way I can tell is by the sound, literally no vibration whatsoever. My only regret is not making this change 3 yrs ago!!!

Craig Yates - Friscio, Texas

A few years ago I was looking for an alternative to steel shafts as I was physically spent after every round. My joints hurt and the harshness of steel was contributing to it.

In my research of graphite shaft options that still played like steel I came across the UST Recoils. I installed a set in my irons and I've never gone back to steel. The feel, ball flight, playability & performance was there without the harshness. I've put Recoils in all the iron sets I own and will never go back to steel.

Mike G - Katy, Texas

Put the recoil 110 f4 in my irons and the 125 protos in my wedges and saw improved dispersion and similar overall flight to my steel shafts. Wear and tear on the joints was much easier and wasn't as tired after rounds or practice...felt like I could hit balls all day. Have the elements helium in my driver and 3 wood. The stability of the shaft for being lightweight is amazing and have never felt the ability to control the head like this. The shaft makes the 3w easy to hit off the deck and get launching nice and high.

Eric M - Crofton, MD

I generate approximately 108-112 mph of club head speed, but I do not make an aggressive move on the downswing to generate that speed. I found that stiff shafts were too soft for my swing and an X-stiff flex didn't quite get the ball to fly like I wanted. I was then introduced to the Proforce VTS line and was told how they fit for weight, flex and torque. I was actually skeptical about the UST Mamiya online shaft fitting system (Swing Fit), but decided to give it a try . . . and I'm extremely happy that I did. When I installed the VTS 65 Silver X shaft in my driver, my driving immediately improved by leaps and bounds. I didn't have to worry about controlling accuracy and getting no roll - my problem with stiff flex shafts. And I didn't have to worry about a ''dying'' ball flight and feeling a bit boardy - my problem with X-Stiff shafts. After hitting the driver with so much more distance, accuracy and precision, I decided to use the online fitting tool for my 3-wood shaft and it recommended the 75 Red X. I actually think that I hit this one even better than the shaft in my driver. It's the best I have ever hit a 3-wood and I cannot thank UST Mamiya enough for bringing this technology to the forefront.

Richie Hunt - Orlando, FL

I just had a Proforce V2 65s made up for my R9 Supertri. I have tried several shafts for this head from different shaft companies. The Proforce V2 is the best of the best. I have not missed a fairway in three rounds and have 15 more yards of carry distance. I was so pleased, I am going to install a V2 75s in my Adams F11 3 wood. My shaft fitter recommended the Proforce V2 and I'm glad he did. Thanks UST for making outstanding shafts!

Layton Crelia - Garrison, TX

I swing my woods about 115mph and I have Proforce V2 76x in my Driver, 86x in my 3w and 100hy-x in my hybrid. Hands down the best shaft for woods if you swing aggressively and have a steep angle. Very stable tip and you can really "go after" a shot with confidence. These are especially awesome with woods off the deck. The low torque allows the leading edge of the fairway wood and/or hybrid to enter the turf and not break down! Excellent shaft and great value compared to some of the overhyped and overpriced stuff out there. Good work UST Mamiya!

John - Phoenix, AZ

I purchased the Proforce V2 7070S for my 909D2 Titleist which had the Diamana stock Titleist 65 Blue shaft. WOW!!!! Much straighter and longer with much better feel. The V2 is the best value for your money on any shaft I've ever purchased. I have the Proforce VTS 75 Silver in my Adams Hybrid and love that too. I will purchase a VTS 85 Silver for my F11 3 wood as soon as it comes in. UST Mamiya is the absolute best. If you haven't tried them, please do, you will be hooked for life, their shafts make that much difference. It's all about performance and that's exactly what the V2 did to the 909D2 I've had. 12 degree trajectory and just as advertised my misses are only slightly more misses with that ugly banana slice I got from the horrible stock shaft. TY...TY...TY

Specs 104-110 speed 3 handicap with V2 265 carry in Winter with old stock shaft 240. Go buy one today you will not regret it!!! Happy in VA!

RJ - Roanoke, VA

I was fitted for Recoil ES 780/F3 SMACWRAP in my Ping 👀E1.. Wow these shafts are amazing and forgiving. I play >100 rounds a year and these shafts reduced vibration in the hands and arms. Thanks Mamiya.

Ron Dahl - Lincoln, NE

After playing DG 300S shafts for the majority of my golfing life I had to make a decision due to arthritis pain to either stop golf or change shafts in my Ping Irons to try and obtain some relief from vibration and shock of hitting balls, In the past I have been sceptical of graphite in favour of steel however not now.The decision to change shafts to Mamiya Recoil Smacwrap 780ES shafts has been a god send-no elbow or handpain now. This has allowed me to increase my swing speed with no loss of distance or playability-high or low shots no problem and very stable.Thank You Mamiya from a very happy Scottish Customer

DavidMair - Buckie, Moray, Scotland

I was introduced to UST Mamiya products in 2016 thru a fitting, landing on an Elements Proto for my driver and an Elements Chrome for my 3w. The impact on my dispersion and overall consistency off the tee were immediate and could not be ignored. Flash forward to today... I now own 2 sets of Recoil Proto 125's for my irons, both black and white V2 Tour wood shafts and a new gunmetal LIN-Q shaft that is currently in my driver.

Their products are legit and will help your game. They have products for EVERYONE'S game, so don't think you don't have the game for their shafts. I cut 8-10 shots off my typical score, due primarily to now being in the fairway off the tee and getting myself on the green with a chance to score. Guess I need to look into their putter shafts now.... Take a look, get fit, and go play.

Special thanks to Danny, Lindsay and the staff at the Arlington, TX facility. Top notch people supporting a top notch product!

Steve Anderson - Keller, TX