iRoD Hybrid

The original iRoD hybrid shaft was introduced in 2004 and was the FIRST branded shaft designed specifically for hybrids.

As hybrids evolved through the years, hybrid shaft technology remained the same. Today’s hybrids have low/back CG, which produce more penetrating ball flights. The NEW iRoD was created to achieve optimum launch angle and spin rates for consistent distance and trajectory control through several key technologies:

  • Recoil Technology optimizes the spring effect which promotes the highest and most efficient energy transfer from butt to tip to maximize ball speed and reduce ball dispersion.
  • Variable Wall Thickness within each section of the shaft for enhanced feel and better control and accuracy.
  • Linear EI Technology results in a smoother flex profile removing that hinged feeling so common in many graphite shafts. A Linear EI curve creates a smooth feel throughout the shaft, but actually transfers the maximum amount of energy to the ball at impact.