Elements Platinum Wood Shafts

Elements Platinum is designed with premium materials for aggressive golfers looking for ultra-low spin.

Super High Modulus 90T carbon / 125 MSI

Aerospace grade 90T continuous carbon fiber is used throughout the entire length of the shaft. The new material allows our engineer to make the shaft stiffer and lower torque without adding additional weight. The shaft is also slightly counterbalanced to work well with today's heavier driver heads and the longer length of modern drivers.

Toray T1100G = high strength and high elasticity

This material is placed in the tip section to allow for better feel with additional strength and durability.

Improved Stiffness Profile

We are able to increase stiffness without sacrificing feel for aggressive swingers. In addition to using super high modulus material, we added more carbon fiber in key areas for additional stability and improved shot dispersion.

Ion Plating (IP) creates a stunning and premium finish vs. traditional paint

The raw shaft is put into a vacuum chamber where metal ions are emitted and bond to the shaft.

The process takes extra time and is more expensive than traditional methods.

This extra step is all done in-house, so we are able to ensure tighter control for the best quality.

Available Through TSPX Fitters Only


Description Flex Weight Torque Launch Butt (cpm) Butt OD Tip OD Tip Parallel Length
Elements Platinum 6F3 R 69g 3.2° Low 270 0.600" 0.335" 3.0" 46"
Elements Platinum 6F4 69g 3.2° Low  284 0.600" 0.335" 3.0" 46"
Elements Platinum 6F5 69g 3.1° Low 297 0.600" 0.335" 3.0" 46"
Elements Platinum 7F4 79g 3.1° Low 286 0.600" 0.335" 3.0" 46"
Elements Platinum 7F5 X 79g 3.1° Low 300 0.600" 0.335" 3.0" 46"
Elements Platinum 8F5 X 89g 2.8° Low 305 0.600" 0.335" 3.0" 46"


Flex Driver Swing Speed (mph) Driver Carry (yards)
R 80 - 95 200 - 240
S 90 - 105 225 - 265
X 105+ 265+


Tipping Instructions Driver 3-wood 5-wood 7-wood
Elements Platinum Wood 0.0" 0.5" 1.0" 1.5"