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Every shaft submitted for use on the PGA Tour is TSPX CERTIFIED

After tour demands are fulfilled, TSPX CERTIFIED shafts will be available for purchase through our exclusive TSPX Certified Dealer Network.

Each TSPX CERTIFIED shaft is qualified after thorough testing and must meet or exceed demanding test criteria. After measuring and recording each of the data points, our technicians prepare your TSPX shaft and ship with the utmost care out of our HQ in Fort Worth, TX.

Shaft Highlight- DART V

Available only through our TSPX Certified Dealers

DART V iron shafts are available in 3 weight classes: 90, 105, and 120.

DART V iron shafts feature our Dual Action Recoil Technology which helps to eliminate inconsistent areas in the golf shaft, creating better overall shot dispersion.

DART V iron shafts are the latest players iron structure, designed for golfers seeking lower torques and tighter tolerances.

Shaft Highlight - LIN-Q M40X TSPX

Available Only Through Your Local TSPX Dealer

LIN-Q M40X features our exclusive Q-fiber combined with the revolutionary M40X fiber. 

UST Mamiya engineers have created 3 new, higher performance LIN-Q shafts with increased strength and phenomenal feel. Incorporating M40X into the new shafts designs provides significantly improved lateral stability to the shafts during the golf swing, thereby delivering increased energy to the golf ball at impact. 

Quality. Performance. Feel.

UST Mamiya high performance golf shafts.