LIN-Q Gunmetal

LIN-Q M40X TSPX Blue is designed for the  golfer seeking a mid ball flight with mid-low spin.


LIN-Q M40X features our exclusive Q-Ply combined with the revolutionary M40X fiber. 

UST Mamiya engineers have created 3 new, higher performance LIN-Q shafts with increased strength and phenomenal feel. Incorporating M40X into the new shafts designs provides significantly improved lateral stability to the shafts during the golf swing, thereby delivering increased energy to the golf ball at impact. 



Revolutionary Material |  Innovative Design

M40X represents a major advance in carbon fiber technology. TORAY Industries pushed both fiber strength and tensile modulus to the extreme and applied technology to improve fiber orientation by closely controlling the graphite crystal structure in a nano order. The result is a revolutionary material that offers a 30% improvement in tensile strength over conventional carbon fiber.

M40X eliminates the "boardy" feel through the use of proprietary nano technology and nanoalloy used in the prepreg matrix resin. This novel combination significantly improves shaft feel and performance.


Available Through TSPX Fitters Only



Description Flex Weight Torque Launch Tip OD Tip Parallel Length
LIN-Q M40X TSPX Blue 6F4 S 67g 4.0° Mid 0.335" 3.0" 46"
LIN-Q M40X TSPX Blue 6F5 X 68g 3.4° Mid 0.335" 3.0" 46"
LIN-Q M40X TSPX Blue 7F4 S 78g 3.0° Mid 0.335" 3.0" 46"
LIN-Q M40X TSPX Blue 7F5 X 78g 3.0° Mid 0.335" 3.0" 46"
LIN-Q M40X TSPX Blue 8F5 X 86g 2.7° Mid 0.335 3.0" 46"


Flex Driver Swing Speed (mph) Driver Carry (yards)
S 90 - 105 225 - 260
X > 105 > 260
Tipping Instructions Driver 3-wood 5-wood 7-wood
LIN-Q M40X TSPX Blue 0.0" 1.0" 2.0" 2.0"